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The 1920s also saw the birth of a new mass medium, radio. By 1928, the United States had three national radio networks — two owned by NBC (the National Broadcasting Company), one by CBS (the Columbia Broadcasting System). Though mostly listened to for entertainment, radio's instant, on-the-spot reports of dramatic events drew huge audiences throughout the 1930s and World War II.

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The same developments that spurred newspaper circulation — faster printing methods, lower prices, the lure of advertising money — also marked the beginning of mass appeal for American magazines. Several types of magazines emerged. The late 1800s saw the start of opinion journals still influential a century later, including the Atlantic Monthly, the Nation and Harper's.

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Many women are well aware of the problem of sex discrimination. In a 1985 national survey, 57 per cent of the women sampled believe that women face discrimination in pursuing executive jobs in business or top posts in government. Fully 69 per cent believed that they would have a better chance of obtaining a mortgage or a major bank loan if they were male.

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In 1984, American women achieved an unprecedented political breakthrough when Representative Geraldine Ferraro of New York became the Democratic nominee for vice president of the United States. Never before-had a woman received the nomination of a major party for such high office.

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